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How will I feel?

When you try Shorebreak, you'll likely feel a numbing sensation on your tongue for about 15 minutes – this is from the Kavalactones in the kava. Most people feel relaxed, calm, and in a better mood. Muscle discomfort will begin to ease and some people say they have better concentration, have more energy, and enjoy socializing more.  These benefits should last between 2-5 hours.

We would love to hear how it has helped you and what you experience!

Is Kava and Kratom safe?

Tests performed on our Kava and Kratom:

  • Our Kava and Kratom are tested for purity to ensure consistent Kavalactones and Mitragynine for each serving down to a fraction of a milligram.
  • We conduct tests to identify and eliminate harmful heavy metals in every batch.
  • We screen for potentially harmful microorganisms and bacteria.

Historical Uses:
Kava has been used in ceremonies and social gatherings within the Pacific Island for many generations. When used in moderation, Kava is considered safe.  

Kratom has also been used for centuries in traditional practices in Southeast Asian countries. When used in moderation, users consider Kratom to be safe.

General Caution:
Before incorporating this dietary supplement into your routine, it is strongly advised that you consult with a qualified healthcare professional. This product is not for those who are pregnant, nursing, taking medications, or have a pre-existing medical condition. Individual responses to kava and kratom may vary, and it is essential to ensure that this product is suitable for your specific health needs and circumstances. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and has not been evaluated by the FDA. Do not consume with any drugs or excessive alcohol.

Is Kava and Kratom legal?

Kava is legal everywhere within the United States.

Kratom is legal in 44 states. States that have inhibited Kratom sales include: (Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin)

While not all states impose age restrictions for Kratom purchases, we
have chosen to implement a policy limiting sales to individuals aged 18 and above.

States with Kratom Age requirements of 21+ include: (Colorado, Florida,
Louisiana, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia)

Laws are continually changing. Our aim is to regularly update this information.

What is in the product?

Active Ingredients:
Kava Root - Extracted and purified to enhance the concentration of Kavalactones
(300mg per serving)

Kratom Leaf - Extracted to concentrate the levels of pure Mitragynine
(34mg per serving)

Natural Flavors and Sweeteners:
Natural flavors are substances derived from plants and minerals, imparting distinctive flavors to Shorebreak. Natural sweeteners encompass a variety of substances that are found in nature that are preferable alternatives to table sugar and artificial sweeteners.  

We utilize a proprietary tropical blend for flavor and natural monk fruit as a sweetener, adhering to a philosophy that simplicity enhances authenticity. Our goal is to minimize the intense bitterness of raw kava root and kratom leaf. To ensure the highest quality, we incorporate extremely limited amounts of safe preservatives, guarding against spoilage and guaranteeing you receive a superior product.


Sustainability at Shorebreak:

  1. Recyclable Aluminum Bottles:
    We're reducing single-use plastic with recyclable aluminum bottles, prioritizing an environmentally friendly choice to combat plastic pollution.
  2. Fair Wages and Ethical Practices:
    Our commitment extends to fair wages and safe working conditions for everyone involved in manufacturing, creating a positive impact on communities.
  3. Recyclable Packaging:
    Beyond aluminum bottles, our packaging is recyclable, encouraging responsible disposal and exploring eco-friendly alternatives.
  4. Transitioning Away from Plastic Safety Seals:
    While currently using plastic, we're actively working to eliminate plastic safety seals, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.

At Shorebreak, sustainability is an ongoing journey, and we're dedicated to improving practices for a greener, more sustainable future. Thank you for joining us on this mission.

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  • Worked For Me

    “I really do feel calmer, but I still feel energized. This is unlike anything else I've tried.” – Karen S.

  • Much Better Taste

    "Compared to other products with Kava and Kratom, this tastes so much better. I love the effect on my tongue compared to the blue bottle.” – Matt D.

  • Perfect Dose

    “I am lighter weight and half the dose worked really well for me, my husband enjoys taking the full bottle.” – Camila R.